What a precise word to describe the ingrained prejudices against women – Misogyny. Most of have heard this word, some have heard the likes of the words in this genre. In the world of outdated laws and medieval patriarchy it is a fair assumption to have come across such experiences. The good thing is people are now opening up about it. With Internet around we get to hear stories from across the world. Some very touching, some total farce. The movement has started to reap its benefits with people giving their deep fears and hatred an introspection for the good. Incidentally, the post is about Misandry.

Never heard of this term. Those who have, never got a chance to use it. The ones who used could never make sense to anyone. Misandry is the brother of Misogyny. Its about the prejudices about men. Since I am man, I can only sympathize with Misogyny. My empathy is towards Misandry. There is an omnipresent DO NOT DO list for men. The consequences of picking any action from the list qualifies you in the apparent lesser individual category (which is another fucked up thought, people have) – Gay, Women, Eunuchs. Pathetic as it may sound this is the truth, at least in India. For once, why is there a lesser individual category? If there is one you also have features and attributes to categorize people into it.

So this happened in an event, when the event manager was being courteous enough. It looked over the top because we never had any education in hospitality. To count a few attributes, the manager, a man, was nicely dressed, had a great walking style and had a thick English accent. And there you go – He is Gay!. The poor guy was being a gentlemen. Most of you reading might have classified me too for noticing the details of another man. May you rest your mind in peace!

Coming to the point when men notice colors, fabrics, food ingredients etc. The first expression thrown – How girly! This is still a decent exclamation. It gets worst. We have this set in our heads that clothes, cooking etc are for women to judge. To top on to this why say it in a condescending tone.

I believe men are much aware of this insecurity of being classified into a lesser category. And they are a little too smart rather over smart. They are like the auto correct which corrects every written “boob” into “book” 3:) . Men auto correct these insecurities, before they begin to become prevalent, into macho-ism.  Now we (I’ll put myself into this macho category too. We all have done our mistakes) put a banner of MEN on things we do. Just to be clear to people to not put them in any category apart from Macho.

The media has been a big proponent of this Macho thought to sell products. And I think Media has and will always shape the thoughts and actions of generations coming (which is the topic of my next post too). My suggestion to anyone who cared to read this is to stop judging people on the basis of the general notions. Had everyone thought as per the general public there would never have been specific people whom you remember.


PS: I know the title is misleading. But I am sure had it read Misandry you would not have cared to click. 🙂


The Instinctive Run

A usual day. I am coming back to home by metro. I am tired. I am standing at the door of the metro to get down at the next station. I am surrounded by the usual metro crowd. The metro door opens. Suddenly, everyone around you starts running. And in a reflex, you find yourself running too. In the middle of this run, you think what made you run and you don’t have a clue. But you don’t stop, cause you are enjoying it. Or you think that it is pleasurable. Yet pointless!

Quite similar to our lives.