When time is at your luxury

Life keeps moving fast when you follow your routine. You find time moving faster when you are having fun and slower when the struggle is real. But there comes a time when you go past these states. When you know there is enough time and you are feeling the happiness of having this time at your side. This feeling is one of a kind and hard to put in words.


I was in Krabi post my adventures in Phuket. Krabi is a wonderful place to get lost in its beauty. When you plan your destinations, you always feel that too many beaches would saturate at one point. Krabi had to be one those places. And to disappoint our planning,  this place was a dream. Our hostel was a road away from the beach. I have never lived anywhere this close to the beach. The day we reached Krabi, we were all tired but we knew there was a great party in the evening cause it was a Friday. We were taking in the aura of the hostel which has a TT table to kill time and to top that it has a gaming station like the ones we had memories of playing on with in our childhood. Time was swooping. We rested and prepared ourselves for the party.

To this date I was all about exploring places but within my comfort zone. Krabi was the turning point. I am not much of a party animal. One of my previous posts clearly defines it. But on this eventful Friday, I partied. And it was something on a different level. To some extent I enjoyed it. And then we came back because we had to leave early for our tour the next day.

The tour next day did not start well as the rain gods were not kind and we had to take many detours. The islands near Krabi were completely different from what they were on Phuket’s tour. We hopped from places to places naked in the overcast day. Yes, I don’t have much experience remaining topless for more than 30 minutes. But I did for a complete day. Bringing clothes to Krabi is futile. Just pack some swimming shorts and that should do. And if you think you would surf against the tide and wear clothes, then be ready to be outcasted. Nobody wears heavy clothes, which was awakening for me. Travel light they say. Now I understand.

The swim on the beaches, the dive in the sea, the non-swimmer’s nightmarish snorkeling exercise and exploring the caves of Hong Island was all that took up our day. If canoeing was the highlight of Phuket’s tour, diving in the sea had to be of Krabi’s. Taking the leap into the water when you don’t know swimming takes a lot of courage. And it was well appreciated by the other travelers on the boat. Swimming takes a lot of energy and when we were back it brought the inevitable hunger. It started raining heavily, however we had the option of good Indian food just 5 steps away from the hostel.

The next day was a complete turnover from the island tour we did. It was our jungle tour. We started off with Emerald pool. Like yesterday, the rains were there to welcome us. However, that did not dampen our spirits. We took off to the jungle where this pool has formed. Although the images had my expectations sold yet it did manage to engage us in some fun. Next we moved over to the hot springs. Now the rains were so heavy that most of the people were shivering. Like yesterday, clothes were bare minimum. To take the hit of hot spring’s water on any part of the body was devastating at first. It seemed as if someone poured boiling water onto you. However slowly the warmth adjusts your body (or the other way round). Laying down inside a hot water spring with heavy rain droplets falling on top was an unusual experience.

Our next activity was a trek of 1300 steps. It might sound easy but these steps were really steep. Your need to be in a good shape to climb them in one go. At the top was a Buddha statue. The statue was majestic but what took our break (apart from the trek) was the view from the top. Clouds underneath you, mountains underneath you. Above all civilizations a place to introspect live. Worth the every step of the trek. We came down the trek like a breeze, partly because of the wonderful chat we had with fellow travelers. Learning about the lives of people around the world was liberating. Some amazing friends made was a lifetime prize. We tried the local cuisine of Thailand amidst jokes and rants about the spices. And then we left for our hostel.

Krabi was special. Everyday of Thailand too. But what was lost and gained was to remain forever.

P.S – Next destination was my solo travel journey. Watch out for more next week.


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