Premonition – My simile

This scene is something what I can say is the present order of my life. A scene which defines it completely with every detail. I’m sure everyone has seen the epitome of love stories – “Titanic”. For the ones who haven’t – My sympathies will walk you back to your cocoon.

Its so amazing when a movie captures your past with great sincerity. It is even mesmerizing when you know it will reenact the present as well as the future. Just look closely into Rose’s eyes, filled with so many desires and plans. She has everything settled in her head. Passion, confidence and hope through those shimmering eyes makes a dejected Jack believe of what Rose has in future for him. He finds the very thought of this newly found dream crazy. Yet they know it. A perfect simile where you have a chimera making you do all sorts of nasty things. Just like Rose, you catch hold of your destiny and infuse it with your beliefs. How you want to just make it believe that it will be how I think. And how it keeps showing you your dreams as bizarre illusions. Oh poor Rose!! My admiration for your trust is beyond horizons.

While you are busy creating your ethereal space, while the Almighty in reality like Mr Murdoch(1.33.39 in the video) is sniggering at this happy scene. A surprise awaits their joyful lives. If someone is watching Titanic for the first time it one nail biting scene. And just like the expression on Frederick Fleet‘s face (in the featured image at the top), you know how the next phase is going to be. You have a premonition. This is what I have now.

I can see the iceberg. I have the bells and phones. The captain has started to rudder the ship away. The lower gates have been closed. Yet I fear the fate. For once let the iceberg move its way and let the dock present a rosy welcome. For this is what I been waiting for some time. For Kate knows nothing but to love Jack. Cause I know everytime there comes this iceberg, the titanic hits it. It is so painful to see the titanic sink and with it the most illustrious love story too. There are many ships let the iceberg sink those this time. Alas!

The winds have started to blow, cause it is that time of year which is real slow.

The captain is ready to sail, yet the premonition prevails.

Mr Murdoch has his hands on the bell, cause he wants everything to end well. 

Enchanting the icebergs to fail, yet the premonition prevails.

Impediments, hardships the titanic will hack, for its Rose to meet her Jack.

Not every time will I derail, let the premonition be pale.